3 tips for photographing flowers

Nature and photography have always gone hand in hand, and if this is one of your passions we share 3 tips to photograph plants.
Come closer

Plants often have all kinds of shapes and sometimes just incredible textures and colors. Try to get closer and capture some of those details. Notice the subtle variations in color and the tips on the leaves. You can also take repetition with leaf shapes as a focal point. Details that couldn’t be transmitted from a distance.

Find the best light

Each garden or space has different types of light in different types of day. While direct, intense light isn’t always the best, you can use it to make certain shots.

Try to find an angle where the light gives your flower from the side or from behind. Look for different positions until you find the one that gives you the best image.

Keep in mind that the full sun will give you bright, high-contrast photos. You only need to use it in your favor. If you move around the plant you can find different angles. For example, a 90 degree angle will give the light a much softer feel and the plant will look better defined.

You should be careful not to place the sun directly on your lens for this type of shot, although it often produces really nice results. The light is soft on most of the plant, but the light that shines through the leaves provides a nice definition. The light in the background helps the plant stand out.

Try moving around the plants to see where you can get the best lighting. The beauty of digital photography is that you can take pictures from various angles and see what you like best.
Use a diffusion panel

This may seem like a complicated task, but a broadcast panel can be your best friend. The good thing about flowers is that they don’t move much so you can take the time to use a diffuser.

Sometimes you can’t move to change the direction of light or you like a particular view of a plant but the lighting is too hard. By placing the diffusion panel between the sun and the plant, it blurs or softens the light creating a clear shadow.

We hope you find these tips useful the next time you want to use your camera. If you do, we invite you to participate in our #OfrendasyFloresFYJA photo contest by sending us photographs of your Day of the Dead offerings.